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Marketing and Fundraising Manager

Posted on 24 January 2018
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Position title:                     Marketing and Fundraising Manager,
                                            WWF (Thailand)
Directly reports to:           Country Director, WWF (Thailand)
Technically reports to:     Marketing Director, WWF GMPO
Supervises:                       Marketing Coordinator and Corporate
                                            Engagement Specialist
Technically supervises:   Consultants when required
Location:                           Bangkok, Thailand
WWF has a long established presence in the Mekong region, starting in Vietnam in 1990. Since then, WWF operations have grown to four Country offices based in Cambodia (Phnom Penh), Laos (Vientiane), Thailand (Bangkok) & Vietnam (Hanoi), including a Regional team in the Hanoi, Vientiane and Bangkok offices. The ‘Greater Mekong Programme Office’ was officially formed in November 2005 merging WWF Indochina (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam) and WWF Thailand. In order to be relevant with partners at provincial levels and deliver conservation results in landscapes, GMPO has also developed 20 field offices across the 4 countries and 6 landscapes.

Following a strong track record of conservation delivery over the last 20 years, WWF has established both the credibility and presence to deliver conservation impact at all levels from provincial, to national to regional.

WWF Greater Mekong Programme Office has embarked on new strategic plan FY11-FY15. The new strategic plan outlines changes in the way WWF GMPO operates, both in conservation and operation aspects.
I.  Major Function
The Marketing and Fundraising Manager is responsible for establishing and implementing medium to long-term marketing and fundraising strategies, with the standards, policies and processes to raise income from corporations, major donors and, when legally possible, individual donors, and build the WWF Thailand brand across these target segments to increase support, preference and advocacy for WWF’s work.
The M&F Manager will establish and lead a Marketing team with cross-functional collaboration with all units within the Thailand Country Program.
As a member of the Country Management Team, the Marketing and Fundraising Manager will participate in overall organizational development and strategic decision-making with the objective of realizing Thailand Country Program’s long-term vision.
The position requires knowledge of conservation and sustainability issues, and the tenacity to keep abreast of local and global developments in conservation and sustainability and their implications on marketing and fundraising for the organization.
II.  Major Responsibilities
     A.  Brand Awareness
  • Working closely with the Communications Manager, increase brand awareness across target segments through effective marketing communications and channel support;
  • Deliver brand position and clear messages to target segments as appropriate through effective channels and communication medias;
  • Align with WWF network brand standards and guidelines across all communications;
  • Shared KPIs with Communications Manager:  % Brand Awareness in target segments
     B.  Fundraising
  • Establish and lead a Marketing and Fundraising Team;
  • Raise revenue to the Thailand Country Programme including unrestricted income to cover core costs, build reserves and support conservation work;
  • Deliver cost-effective strategies to meet fundraising objectives, keeping abreast of best and new practice in local and global markets for appropriate strategies to implement;
  • Coordinate with the WWF GMPO in knowledge sharing and information exchange, and collaboration on regional and network initiatives that will benefit the Country, network, region and the GMPO.
  • Manage relationships with external partners and service providers for optimum results;
  • Establish necessary structures, systems and process to support fundraising and relationship management;
     C.  Country Management Team    
  • Is a member of Country Management Team (CMT)    
  • Provides effective participation to the CMT meeting    
  • Maintains an awareness of matters relevant to the CMT and ensures that reports and information of interest are brought to the attention of CMT members
  • Maintains an effective working relationship with all other CMT members to ensure that there is effective coordination of all activities in support of organisation objectives    
     D.  Policy and Advocacy, Fundraising, Partnership Development, and Networking
  • Provide program support to Marketing Coordinator, Corporate Engagement Specialist in the development of new products, proposal for fundraising from corporate, major donors and individuals when legally possible;
  • Develop and maintain a network of contacts, and actively seek to build strategic alliances with other NGOs, international and national organizations, donors and other potential partners in order to promote and implement the WWF Thailand Fundraising Strategic Plan;
  • Represent the WWF Thailand at appropriate regional and international (WWF and non-WWF) meetings and fora, as approved by the Country Director.
     E.  Strategy Development and Implementation / Action Plan Development & Implementation
  • Contribute to the development of Marketing & Fundraising Strategic Plan for Thailand Country Program;
  • Contribute to defining the direction of Marketing & Fundraising action plan for WWF Thailand to ensure the alignment with WWF GMP Marketing & Fundraising Strategy;
  • Provide leadership and overall direction and coordination for all Marketing and Fundraising activities, facilitate and support the delivery of Fundraising action plan for Marketing team the Thailand;
  • Ensure resource prioritization and allocation and    work plan coherence across the program in the country office;
  • Coordinate with conservation team to update Conservation activities and action plan for WWF Thailand in order to update the potential/ current partners.
     F.  Action Plan  Development and Implementation
  • Develops marketing activity work plan
  • Contributes to the development of the Corporate Engagement Strategy by involving in the strategy working group    
  • Develops, implements, reviews and updates the fundraising and marketing action plan for country programme targeting corporate markets and individual donors to raise unrestricted funds, sets qualitative and quantitative targets on an annual basis.
  • Monitors progress against activity work plan to ensure that the organisation attains its objectives as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible    
  • Communicates the marketing action plan to all staff and ensures that these are effectively implemented    
     G.  System, Guideline Management
  • Establishes an internal management system with alignment to the region to integrate WWF (Thailand) marketing and fundraising development efforts, bringing them to prominence within the region and the WWF network    
  • Provides inputs to the development, review and update of all necessary marketing  guidelines    
  • Plans and organises the effective communications of all marketing guidelines to staff    
  • Monitors the implementation of the marketing guidelines to ensure that they are followed by managers and staff    
     H.  Budgeting
  • Develops, monitors, and updates the annual budget for marketing to ensure the sound management of the organisation’s marketing and that the Function has all the resources required to meet its objectives within agreed financial parameter
     I.  People Management
  • Reviews staffing requirements with the Country Director to maintain marketing function at country programmes
  • Responsible for succession management planning for key functional staff at country programme
  • Involves in the recruitment and selection of supervised staff    
  • Provides orientation and reorientation to staff at country office to help them understand the marketing guidelines of the organization
  • Works with HR Function to identify training needs and development opportunities for supervised staff and also to identify training needs in marketing for all staff
  • Provides training to all staff on marketing when required
  • Establish and lead a high-performance team to deliver objectives, with the necessary rigor and standards
  • In collaboration with other units, establish performance tracking processes and delivery mechanisms
  • Perform regular evaluation of team performance, capacity building and career paths, in collaboration with the HR unit
  • Establish and implement succession plans in the event of turn-over.
     J.  Issue Resolutions, Crisis/Risk Management    
  • Provides comprehensive advisory and technical guidance to managers and staff on all aspects of marketing to ensure that the organisation follows action plan in accordance to GMPO Strategic Plan FY11 – FY15    
  • Provides marketing and presentation support for interactions with government assistance agencies, foundation sponsors and individual donors to WWF Thailand conservation activities    
  • Maintain an awareness of any possible crisis or risk to the organisation and develop plans that will provide for such contingencies    
  • Maintains an awareness of staff comments and any complaints to identify any areas that may need development of improvement    
     K.  Other Technical Specific
  • Plans and directs marketing campaigns for new activities to attract funds and for the promotion of the organisation’s image and ensures that they are carried out efficiently and within approved budgets
  • Analyses the results of marketing campaigns and makes whatever changes may be required to improve the marketing performance
  • Leads and manages effective public relations activity with corporate clients, with support from the Communications team
  • Produces detailed specifications for all work contracted out
  • Works with Communications staff across the WWF Network to provide inputs into marketing activities, branding strategies and events
  • Maintains an awareness of developments and up-to-date knowledge of the Marketing to ensure that the organisation complies with its statutory obligations and continues to take advantage of best practices
  • Develops and maintains an up to date and accurate database of customer contact records for partnership engagement and management
     L.  Partnership and Networking
  • Strengthens current relationships with the corporate sector and maintains a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Maintains good working relations with all partners to keep them aware of WWF’s activities and to seek feedback from them for continuous improvement
  • Promotes the organisation’s image in the community by attendance at meetings and fora in marketing
  • Develops and maintains effective contacts with a wide range of external contacts with organisations and individuals who can assist in the marketing of organisation activities and to ensure wide publicity and cost-effective support for the organisation’s activities
  • Actively seeks to build strategic alliances with other NGOs and organizations to promote WWF’s conservation objectives
  • Establishes and maintains effective formal and informal links with suppliers, service providers, agencies to ensure that the organisation is providing the appropriate range and quality of services
     M.  Monitoring and Evaluation, Reporting    
  • Oversee the monitoring and evaluation of WWF Thailand M& F Action Plan;    
  • Supervise the Marketing Team to ensure that the analysis of results for the WWF Thailand M & F Plan are consolidated as part of the overall WWF GMP monitoring and evaluation system;    
  • Regularly tracks fundraising performance against plan objectives, identifies risks to deliver and mitigate measures    
  • Coordinate the timely writing, approval and submission of reports to Donors ;    
  • Provide regular program reports and analysis to the CMT to facilitate continuous improvement.    
  • Oversee the monitoring and evaluation of WWF Thailand M& F Action Plan;    
This TOR covers the main tasks and conveys the spirit of the sort of tasks that are anticipated proactively from staff. Other tasks may be assigned as necessary according to organizational needs.
III.   Working Relationships
       1. Internal 
  • WWF GMPO: Works closely with CMT, communication teams, Project Leaders, Marketing Director, WWF GMPO and peer Marketing Managers. Engages with and support WWF (Thailand) staff
  • WWF Network: Coordinates and interacts with AP Growth Strategy Team and regularly contacts with WWF International and Centre  of Development
       2.  External   
  • Interacts with corporate, foundation, government assistance agency and private sector donors, external consultants and service providers, national Government agencies, other NGOs and community organizations.
IV.  Requirements
      1.  Education and Qualification
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, accounts management, financial services, sales or in relevant fields
      2.   Knowledge
  • Familiar with environmental and conservation issues in Thailand
  • Knowledge of the business sector and specific companies (market intelligence) in Thailand, and in the GMR is an advantage
  • Extensive working knowledge of the local surroundings and has previously maintained networks professional contacts
  • In-depth knowledge of WWF’s corporate fund-raising process is an advantage
  • Thorough understanding of socio-economic, conservation and development issues in Thailand
  • Knowledge of the policy/institutional context related to conservation in Thailand
  • Excellent understanding of development partnerships, fund-raising, donor strategies, functions, governmental and international relations
      3.  Experience
  • 7 years practical experience in fundraising with corporate and individual donors, 3 years of which should be in Thailand
  •  Successful fundraising experience
  • Experience of working and negotiating with Government officials and donors at all level
  • Experience of working in international organisations
      4.  General Skill
  • Leadership and management
  • People management, coaching and capacity building/development
  • Negotiating
  • Networking
  • Presentation, communications, and public speaking
  • Risk management
  • Facilitation and coordination
  • Planning and Organisational
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and local language
  • Proficiency in MS Office
      5.  Technical Skill
  • Proven track record in marketing and/or fundraising within the charity and/or private sectors, including substantial experience in brand response marketing
  • Strong leadership, people management and relationship-building skills;
  • Able to think both strategically and innovatively, and translate this into delivery of results;
  • Exceptional communication and influencing skills, combined with the ability to work under pressure in a changing environment;
  • Understanding of the charity sector, fundraising and supporter relationship management
  • Well proven financial acumen and budget management capability
  • Sensitivity and empathy with the vision and values of WWF
      6.  Personality
  • High-level interpersonal skills
  • Willing to accept responsibility
  • A team player
  • Adaptable and willing to accept responsibility to embrace change
  • Achievement oriented
  • Reliable and responsive
V.  WWF's Mission and Values
      1.  It is part of every staff member's terms of reference to contribute to WWF's mission:
WWF’s Mission is to stop the degradation of the planet's natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature, by:
      -  conserving the world's biological diversity
      -  ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable
      -  reducing pollution and wasteful consumption.  
      2.  It is also part of every staff member's terms of reference to embody WWF's values, which are: Passionate and Optimistic, Challenging and Inspiring, Credible and Accountable, Persevering and Delivering Results.

How to apply :  Interested candidate, please submit your resume stating your expected salary to by
April 1st, 2018  or submit by mail to WWF-Thailand 92/2 Soi Paholyothin 5, Paholyothin Road, Samsen nai, Phayathai, Bangkok 10400 Tel : +66 (0) 2 619 8534-7
For more information, please visit our website at
Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be notified. Otherwise, your resume will be filed into our candidate database for future reference and consideration.
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