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Seminar & Workshop “Responsible Financing for Banks in Thailand”

Posted on 22 May 2017
Seminar & Workshop on Responsible Financing for Banks in Thailand
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22 Bangkok, Thailand (, May 2017) – WWF–Thailand has partnered with the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) to hold a seminar and workshop titled “Responsible Financing for Banks in Thailand.” Sustainable finance is a growing global movement and this event aimed to raise awareness and build capacity among Thai commercial banks around this important concept. The event was well received with many prominent banks in attendance.

Financing environmentally and socially responsible businesses creates exciting new opportunities for financial institutions in growing markets. Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) criteria, the main topic of this seminar, are critical tools for assessing businesses on these counts, which major global banks are already using to guide their client and transaction approval processes.

These criteria examine environmental risks like climate change, which poses huge societal risks due to population displacement and food and water insecurity. By incorporating ESG assessments into business strategy and planning, Thai financial institutions can make better capital allocation decisions, deepen relationships and value add to clients, all while better protecting the planet.

“The financial sector is a key lever to influence businesses’ strategies and supply chains to reduce their threats to the natural world and to create financial mechanisms that protect and support sustainable ecosystems. WWF-Thailand is interested in analyzing public and private money flows and redirecting them toward more sustainable ends,” said Yingyong Vityananan, WWF–Thailand Sustainable Finance Manager.

To put ESG integration into practice during the workshop, participants evaluated case studies in which clients face real environmental and social risk alongside sample sector policies to identify lending opportunities tied to sustainable operating practices, all of which was led by Thibault Ledecq, Reginal Forest Coordinator at WWF-Greater Mekong Programme.

Representatives from major banks in Thailand were interested in how climate change could affect their business practices moving forward. “Climate change is an issue we can no longer ignore. It’s a risk our clients are facing now, but it can also provide an opportunity to develop new products that relate to sustainability. Banks should have a choice for their clients to prioritize sustainable products and investment,” said a representative from one of Thailand’s well-known banks.

WWF-Thailand stands ready to support banks as part of an industry platform or on a bilateral basis to help them implement ESG frameworks into their core business operations. WWF works on a constructive and collaborative basis to share insights that can help banks with their strategy and policy development.

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Seminar & Workshop on Responsible Financing for Banks in Thailand
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