An action-oriented campaign to care for our own and our Earth’s well-being

Eco-Schools Global Action Days 2021: #MyActionsMatter

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In conjunction with International Earth Day on 22 April 2021, thousands of educators and students across 77 countries are coming together to participate in the “My Actions Matter” campaign. This Global Actions Days campaign is designed as a 21-day journey of ‘Compassionate Positive Actions’ in form of Handprints to inspire participants to live and act differently by crystallizing intentions into concrete actions and new patterns of pro-ecological behavior.
The campaign will engage youth through the creative and interactive mobile app TreasureEarth in concrete daily actions to become more compassionate towards our Earth. It will mobilize the school communities in Eco-Schools network and demonstrate how individual actions can have a clear and meaningful impact on our own and our Earth’s wellbeing. Each of the three campaign weeks will be dedicated to three overall themes:
Week 1 - Protect Global Biodiversity
Week 2 - Reduce Environmental Pollution
Week 3 - Empower Climate Action
We invite your school to join the campaign and motivate students on this journey. We believe the well-curated activities by a team of experts will engage the youth to be more observant of their behaviors and their environment. We hope that the small actions will a transformative process where they become active environmental citizens of Earth!
We invite you to join the webinar on 7th April at 1400 Hrs. CEST (7 pm Thailand time) to learn more about how you can join the campaign. Please register here:
More detailed information is available on

I encourage every school to join this activity as this is one of our biggest activities for the members for the occasion of Earth Day. You can add the Global Action Days as one of the Eco activities in your action plan. 
TreasureEartth mobile app and 3 weeks journey will help your students keep active on the daily Eco-friendly activities.   Kindly see the timeline and details about the campaign in the PPT slides.

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11 March – 19 April
Schools register their interest with National Operators.
7 April
Interactive webinar for schools to learn more about the campaign.
8 April - 19 April
National Operators send out links and activation codes to registered schools to download the TreasureEarth app.
19 April
The Global Action Days campaign will become available in the TreasureEarth app. Participants can begin their journey from this date.
22 April (Earth Day)
Official start of the campaign.
26 April
Final date for registration.
17 May
End of campaign. 

You can register your interest with me and I will send you the activation code for the app on 8 April - 19 April.

Kindly join the webinar on 7 April if you're available.
If not, I will send you the record of the webinar later.

Please contact with any questions or clarifications.


Green Flag Schools of the 2019/2020 academic year
Congratulations! 3 Green Flag awarded schools for excellent achievement in sustainable education, management and improving the environment of the school.

The Eco-Schools programme is an ideal way for schools to embark on a meaningful path towards improving the environmental footprint of a school, a change which inevitably leads to a more sustainable, less costly and more responsible school environment.
We would like to announce and congratulate our 3 member schools which are

1. Khlong Krathum Ratutit School
2. Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School
3. Harrow International School Bangkok
for excellent achievement in sustainable education, management and improving the environment of the school.

For member schools