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WWF-Thailand Grievance Mechanism

WWF-Thailand Grievance Mechanism

WWF-Thailand Grievance Mechanism


WWF-Thailand is committed to a "Speak Up" culture  which allows people to safely raise concerns of inappropriate conduct by employees of WWF, its partners and people associated with WWF, without fear of reprisals.   Likewise, local communities or individuals from those communities who believe they are negatively impacted by WWF’s activities are welcome to send their concerns.


WWF-Thailand provides a mechanism for reporting concerns that you believe are in the public interest while safeguarding you against reprisal. This is inline with the standard "Speak Up" policy of WWF-International.




Inappropriate conduct, or misconduct, encompasses a broad range of personal actions or behaviors at work or while performing duties for WWF-Thailand, including, but not limited to, discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, bullying, intimidation, verbal or physical assault, child abuse, abuse of power, theft, fraud, corruption, including bribery, breach of personal data privacy and confidentiality, or other violations of internal policy that result in legal, financial, or reputational harm.




The Policy has no effect on your right to directly address complaints to a regulator or other external authority, as permitted by Thai law. You may report misconduct anonymously if you desire, and you will be protected from harassment, intimidation, discrimination, or reprisal for making a report in good faith.


To assist in the review and investigation of the issues highlighted, the complaint should include all relevant facts. Where possible, the complaint should include the complainant's contact information (in case of additional information is required).


Complaints should be directed to the WWF-Thailand Grievance Management Unit through email at ProjectComplaint th@wwf.or.th or by mail to the following address: Project Complaints, ,WWF Thailand , Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400, Floor 3, 9 Pra Dipat 10, Pra Dipat Road


If you prefer to communicate your concerns in a more confidential manner, you may report it through WWF's Global Reporting Channe, which you can reach HERE.

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