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Collaboration is an important part of the project's success. We use collective actions to create collective impacts, contributing to the fight against climate change.

Collaboration is an important part of the project.

The project is working together with the following organisations to transform the food system.

Central Group (CG) is a major supporter of the project and one of the largest groups of companies in Thailand, including many retail subsidiaries. They are working together with the project to promote the marketing of sustainable supply chains, reforestation activities, and a traceability platform, and have also integrated SCP into business decisions. 

CG have signed MoUs with the project in 2018 and 2020

Central Food Retail Company LTD. (CFR), a subsidiary of Central Retail Corporation PLC (CRC), is one of the largest retailers in Thailand with retail stores across the country (i.e. TOPS markets). They supported the project by selling outputs from the project at their stores, as well as through improved practices on various issues regarding sustainable supply chains and sourcing, reforestation, sustainable agriculture, and ESG sustainability implementation across their entire businesses (see their sustainability report published in 2021).

The project signed MoU with CFR in 2018 with a focus to promote area-based sustainable consumption and production in Nan Province

The Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) is a state owned bank formed in 1966 with the aim of providing financial assistance to farmers, farmer associations and agricultural cooperatives to conduct agriculture and other related-agriculture business and activities. 

The project collaborated with the bank to develop a pilot model on forest landscape restoration (FLR349) to support sustainable agriculture in the north of Thailand.  The bank also participates in the project through providing financial assistance to the smallholder farmers, including loan restructuring, and integrating SCP principles into business decisions. 

MoUs have been signed with BAAC in 2018 and 2020 to foster cooperation on project activities. 


Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna (RMUTL) signed an MoU with the project in 2018 to achieve area-based sustainable consumption and production, create a stable food chain, and protect forests. 

The Nan Organic Agriculture Network (NON) is a local smallholder farmer community enterprise/network in Nan Province, Thailand, which aims to promote the use of organic agriculture in the area for the benefit of the community and the environment. They promote sustainable agriculture and the PGS certification system as solutions to deforestation and tools community development

They have been involved with FLR349 since 2018, with an MoU being signed between the project, NON, and project partners the same year. 

The SCP team is working in collaboration with ESF, Onyx Hospitality Group, other partners on the Environmental Education Tour with the aim to immerse youths in the vital issues of environmental conservation, creating not just awareness but fostering deep understanding on the issues. 

The SCP project and YSDA have collaborated to host events to educate youths on the importance of a sustainable food system, and how it can be achieved. 

The RFD are the project's main governmental partner. Working in collaboration together the RFD and the SCP project works to help smallholder farmers convert their monouclture agriculture towards agroecology. The SCP project and the RFD have signed a MoU together. 

Onyx is one of the largest hospitality groups in Thailand. The SCP team is working in collaboration with Onyx, the Environmental and Social Foundation, other partners on the Environmental Education Tour with the aim to immerse youths in the vital issues of environmental conservation, creating not just awareness but fostering deep understanding on the issues. 

The SCP project teamed up with Creative Move, a social innovation agency responsible for 'Greenery' one of Thailand's largest online sustainable lifestyles platforms. The aim of the collaboration is to develop content and activities to promote SCP practice for consumers. The content and activities will fall under two main umberllas, Eat Good and Live Green. 
Kong Khaek Sustainable Agriculture Network are one of the agriculture network part of the SCP project. The smallholder farmers in the network are working to convert their agricultureal operations towards more sustainable practices. 
WWF TH x CG x CFR x NON - February 2018
This MoU was signed between WWF Thailand, the Nan Organic Agricultural Network (NON), Central Group, and Central Retail and Food Company (CFR), with the purpose of strengthening collaboration on environmental conservation and protection of headwater streams through the promotion of Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) in Nan Province.

Download a copy of the MoU 
WWF TH x CG - April 2019
Continuing from the agreement signed in 2018, this MoU between WWF Thailand and Central Group was signed with the intention of further fostering cooperation and driving forwards project activities in Nan Province 

Download a copy of the MoU 
WWF TH x CG x BAAC x FLR349 - January 2020
This MoU between WWF Thailand, the Central Group, the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), and the FLR349 Fund was signed with the purpose of committing to implementing the FLR349 Fund to eliminate the farmers’ debt crisis and mitigate environmental issues caused by the encroachment of watershed areas, as well as to commit to promoting local foods and organic markets in Chiang Mai Province. 

Download a copy of the MoU 
WWF TH x RFD x Thaicom x Central Group MoU signing - December 2022
a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed with the aim of moving forwards the FLR349 Model to solve the problem of poverty for those living in forest reserves and ecological problems in watersheds forests that have been degraded due to monoculture.
WWF TH x ESF x Onyx Launches Environmental Education Tour - June 2023
WWF Thailand in collaboration with Onyx Hospitality Group, zThe Enviornmental and Social Foundation, and PA Concrete laucnhed the Environmental Education Tour, which will travel to 9 provinces across thailand to educate youths on environmental issues on the Environmental Education Unit. 
WWF TH x Creative Move begins developing activities to promote SCP - September 2023
September marks the begining of the collaboration between WWF Thailand and Creative Move, which will see the development of content promoting SCP to consumers be shared pnline through the Greenery social media accounts, as well as the development of consumer activities and workshops. 
Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration Platform

Phase two of the project starting in 2022 will place more focus on a multi-stakeholder collaboration platform. A solidarity network of NGOs, CSOs, and private sector companies will be formed in order to promote low-carbon SCP practices in the value chain and actions to create a sustainable food system/ supply chain. To achieve this we will develop sustainable business models, innovations, tools, methodologies, measures, guideline of practices, or initiatives for low carbon SCP, which will be shared among targeted business companies or associations (agribusiness, restaurant, retailer, financial).