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WWF Thailand and Ricult hosts first Farmer App Training Workshop

12 March 2021

To prepare for the new and improved Traceability launching in 2021, WWF Thailand and Ricult hosted the first training workshops for the farmer app portion of the platform in Bua Yai District, Nan Province.

The farmer app portion of the platform is a vital underlying feature of the traceability platform. It is where  the smallfarmers part of the FLR349 platform will enter their agricultural data, including types of crops planted, date planted, area etc. This information will allow the project to track project success easier, as well as allow consumers to trace the produce down the supply chain back to the farmer. 

Because the technology used by traceability is new for many of the farmers, in-person training workshops like these are therefore crucial to help the farmers understand how to use the app and to the success of the traceability platform. Along with a printed manual, contact details as well as a field officer who makes regular trips to the project sites, will also be available to help the farmers if any questions or concerns arise after the training date.

Media Contact
Abhinand Aryapratheep