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A Story about Maize: Tracing a value chain from land-use to supermarket shelf - Daniel Hayward

17 May 2022

this is a snippet from an article written by Daniel Howard originally posted on Land Portal 
The full interactive version of the article can be viewed here

Maize is a key global cash crop, produced in every continent except Antarctica. As a flex crop, it has multiple uses including for direct human consumption, as an ingredient for animal feed, as a key component in processed foods, or in ethanol production. According to figures from FAOSTAT, global production increased from 0.2 to 1.2 billion tons between 1961 and 2020.

In Thailand maize is the core ingredient and generally accounts for 55–65% of animal feed. Maize is also popular with farmers across Southeast Asia, regarded as a crop that is easy to manage. This allows for a diversified livelihood strategy that includes non-farm activities. 

This data story looks at the increase of maize production in and around Thailand, and its relation to a poultry value chain as an ingredient in animal feed. In mapping out the value chain, the story aims to show how local land-use systems interrelate with global commodity chains, using an environmental perspective. 

download the PDF version of the report here

Daniel Hayward (UK) is as an international development researcher, focused on land relations, agricultural value chains, gender, and migration. As well as working for Land Portal, Daniel is the project coordinator of the Mekong Land Research Forum at Chiang Mai University, and consultant for a variety of local and international NGOs and research institutes.
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