The Earth is
what we all have in common.

- Wendell Berry

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Our Mission

Mission & Vision

Eco-Schools mission is to engage young people into environmental actions by learning from hands-on activities which will lead to sustainable environmental management.

We support a new learning method for students and empower them to drive the change for the sustainable future.


59,000 Schools

Eco-Schools has more than 59,000 schools network all over the world



51 member schools in Thailand, both Thai and International Schools

Did you know?

68 Countries

With members in 68 countries across the continents

Did you know?


Eco-Schools processes were linked with United Nation's SDGs Goals

Green Flag Schools of the 2019/2020 academic year

The Eco-Schools programme is an ideal way for schools to embark on a meaningful path towards improving the environmental footprint of a school, a change which inevitably leads to a more sustainable, less costly and more responsible school environment.
We would like to announce and congratulate our 3 member schools which are

1. Khlong Krathum Ratutit School
2. Bangkok International Preparatory and Secondary School
3. Harrow International School Bangkok
for excellent achievement in sustainable education, management and improving the environment of the school.