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Reducing human Footprint and Building Climate Resilience society

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The planet is getting dangerously warmer! All nations need to move rapidly away from the fossil fuels of oil, coal and gas to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and waves.The overall aim of the work on energy and climate change is to significantly gear and influence changes at the national policy level as well as private sector and citizen engagement through the implementation of grassroot and local initiatives. The focus is on mitigation, adaptation and raising awareness.


We all rely daily on energy to move around, to cook, to work, to light up our homes and to power the factories that produce our food and the goods that enable our modern lifestyles. Our current energy model is also unable to meet our development challenges, reduce our emissions nor provide electricity we can all afford. If global temperatures rise above the defined level of 2 degrees Celsius, it will cause floods, drought, wildfires and intense unpredictable weather events. If we keep using fossil fuels like there is no tomorrow, there might be no tomorrow.

Create a climate-resilient and zero-carbon world, powered by renewable energy

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The work on adaptation includes the identification of climate change impacts on different sectors to lead to a national formulation and implementation of adaptation plan and policy. Awareness raising is to involve key stakeholders and targeted audiences to support on less carbon intensive policy and the sustainable implementation of adaptation measures. A multi-partite stakeholder participatory process is the main approach actively applied to activities, apart from policy lobbying and advocacy.

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As Earth Hour rolled around the globe, thousands of landmarks switched off their lights in solidarity for our planet.

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