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FLR349 SE sustainable business model featured on major Thai television program

The implementation of the FLR349 SE sustainable business model in Mae Chaem District was recently featured on a major Thao television program, Khao 3 Miti (ข่าว 3 มิติ). The program featured the model in two sections,

The first section covered the Royal Forest Department's involvement in the project, and how they allowed the smallholder farmers to use the area for agriculture purposes in accordance to government policies. The section featured an interview with Mr. Wanchai Jariyasetthachok, Deputy Director General of the Royal Forest Department, and also covered a recent event the project held with the department where a land ad forest resource management plan was presented to the local villages.
The Second section covered the FLR349 SE sustainable business model in more detail. This includes the increase in carbon credits, the traceability features, and the newly introduced livelihood improvement model where broilers and laying hens were introduced to the lands as a means of increasing income while also reducing income. Mr. Jamnong Intharat, a smallholder farmer implementing the FLR349 model on his land, and Mr. Rattapat Srichanklad, the FLR349 Fund Secretary, were interviewed for the section.