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The Youth Water Guardians Programme


From 1,077 students from 16 pilot schools to conservation work with the community in Ayutthaya: the Youth Water Guardians Programme


A water conservation youth learning center was built at Sakleewithaya School in Ayutthaya province. Considered as the first water resource learning center in Ayutthaya, the center is the outcome of a cooperation between WWF and the Nestle Company to share knowledge about the importance of water resource management.


Displays in the school's water conservation center show the importance of water, the way of life between communities and rivers, ecosystems, and guidelines for water resource conservation.

Students from the Sakleewithaya School serve as facilitators in various stations, including a rotating exhibition where students from the youth network from 16 schools take turns to organize the show. In addition to water conservation activities, Sakleewithayaa School also held activities to preserve the Kanom-Chin, which is an important and major heritage canal that villagers use for water for farming, traveling and fishing.

Unfortunately, the water quality is very poor and there is lots of trash in the canal. Community people from four sub-districts came together to form the Kanom-Chin Canal Conservation Working Group. And in July 2018, the community successfully brought back their local festival by organizing a water candle parade for the first time in 30 years. This event renewed their focus on the river through the restoration of lost cultural traditions.

Youth Water Guardian with Nestlé Project