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Partnership with Creative Move
WWF Thailand has teamed up with Creative Move, a social innovation agency responsible for 'Greenery' one of Thailand's largest sustainable lifestyles platforms. Through Greenery's online channels, which has a large following, Creative Move will develop and share content that aims to educate consumers about SCP principles that they could adopt on daily life. The type of content ranges from text base media like articles and interviews to visual based content like infographics and Tik Tok videos. Over the course of the partnership, Creative Move will also organise monthly consumer activities, which further educates consumers of SCP principles. The types of activities will vary from field visits and educational to more entertainment based events.
Consumer activities
The Rice by Your Side event, a collaborative effort between WWF Thailand and sustainable food writer and researcher Aroonwatree Rattanataree, aims to tackle the root cause of many of the sustainability issues. This is achieved through improving food literacy among urban consumers living in capital cities like Bangkok. The event had 3 objectives 1) To increase awareness about food source for urban populations 2) To raise awareness of the culture of food production, making it a base knowledge in society 3) Connect producers to consumers, which may help improve community economy

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