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WWF Thailand develops environment education programme for youths with the Environmental and Social Foundation

16 May 2023

There is a strong link between responsible consumption and production and environmental conservation. Unsustainable patterns on production and consumption are the root cause of many environmental issues including climate change, biodiversity loss, and pollution. A shift towards more sustainable patterns is therefore needed. Due to this its important that education is provided on the topic.

WWF Thailand therefore developed a project together with the Environmental and Social Foundation (ESF) to run an environmental education programme for youths in Thailand.
Announced on the on the 11th of May 2023, the programme is titled the Environmental Education Tour. The programme will travel to 9 provinces across Thailand as part of an educational ‘tour,’ the aim of which is to be to spread the message of environmental conservation and educate the younger generation on selected topics below.
  1. Endangered species and its ecological system
  2. Climate Change
  3. Responsible consumption and production
  4. Keeping Ocean clean 
The announcement was made at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand (FCCT). Leading the announcement was the Youth Wildlife Guardian (YWG), a “group of students aged 8-17 years old, who are passionate about preserving nature and animals that has been in rapid decline.” The YWG

In addition to campaigning and educating youths, the Environmental Education Tour also has plans to work with locals to conduct activities that conserve the environment. This includes replanting corals in Phuket and micro plastic management in Chonburi. These activities are vital as ‘to protect the environment, local involvement is one of the most important factors’ as stated my members YWG
Working with ESF, the members of YWG will act as ambassadors for the Environmental Education Tour.  The some of the young members will be present at each location on the tour.

The Environmental Education Tour aligns with many SDGs goals, including goal 12 responsible consumption and production, with this being one of the main topics that will be covered on the tour.  Other goals also focused upon are goals 13, 14, and 15.  
The tour will be conducted primarily through the ‘Environmental Education Unit’ a converted bus that will be equipped with VR headsets which will be used to educational purposes. Along with the headsets, exhibitions will also be set up for each of the topics from the units.
Annouced along with the Environmental Education tour is World Environment Day Event where the YWG will be launching a documentary series. All 20 students part of the YWG have created an episode for a documentary series, each on a topic of their own choice.The documentary series took almost 2 years to make under the guidance of Doctor Alongkot Chukaew, Director of ESF.

The documentaries will be available for viewing through the VR headsets on the Environmental Education Unit during the tour.
More information on the Environmental Education Tour at the World Environment Day Event
Scan the QR code below to find out more about the Environmental Education Tour and the documentary series
Watch the full announcement
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Abhinand Aryapratheep